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Magnus Rush is a platform which enhances the podcast listening experience and creates user interaction through an innovative mobile podcast app. It does not take the place of your existing podcast hosting!

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No sponsor, or poor monetization?

We make it super easy for your fans to support you! Receive tips in the moments when they are enjoying your show the most.

Tired of staring at useless metrics?

We provide deep, timeline-based visual analytics. Actual plays, not just downloads. Actionable data so you can make your show better.


Need to monetize your old episodes?

Your entire back catalog can generate revenue for you forever, without a sponsor. That's a long tail with some SPIKES on it!

Do you have no insight into conversions?

Your fans can finally take immediate action, so you get real measurable conversions. So do your guests and sponsors!

Could you use more fan engagement?

In-episode surveys, custom questions, and voice messages open the door to many new things you can do on your show.

Do you lack the time to cultivate SuperFans?

Identify your top fans and key supporters. Shout them out by name, and email them with your best offers. They opt-in for it!

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