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Magnus Rush provides the ultimate Podcast experience, allowing you to enjoy podcasts on a whole new level.



Stop forgetting important gold nuggets in podcasts. Bookmark it, and check it out later.

Easy Actions

The next time you hear about an awesome book, podcast, guest, website, whatever.. save it.

Built For Drivers

Huge buttons with easy access to all the important features. You stay safe, and remain a champion.


Tip Your Faves

Don't go hunt down a Patreon link. That's silly. Send a tip now. It's like a penny. Do it is as much as you like!

Superfan Ready

Be the biggest supporter of the day, week, month, lifetime. Easy ways to get in touch with your podcast hosts!


In-episode surveys, questions, and voice messages open a magical door to new ways for you to engage.

Are you ready for a revolutionary podcast experience?